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Steel Structure Manufacturing and Engineering Company

Steel structure manufacturing is our forte. As a leader in the steel structure industry, we have developed a reputation that cannot be matched. We focus on all our client’s needs and go above and beyond for every client by creating specific solutions to their needs. Warthog Engineering is based in Durban, South Africa.

Our team is steel structure manufacturing focussed. We have a highly specialised team that can assist you with design, fabrication and erection of steel structures. We service a wide variety of end users found in the following industries:

  • Agriculture (Farmers) – Steel Sheds
  • Steel Warehousing
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Builders

Our 3 Step Process



We consult and discuss the building that needs to be completed. Once we know what you need we will design the product at the best possible rate while still maintaining the quality you expect.



Once you as our valued client accept our proposal we will begin the fabrication process and complete it according to your time schedule.




On completion of fabrication we will deliver to your named destination as well as erect and construct according to the design set out in the beginning of the process.

1. Steel Structure Design

As part of the steel structure manufacturing process, when it comes to creating the design of your steel structure, our strength lies in our ability to grasp the requirements of each of our clients and design bespoke, custom solutions. Before starting, we like to go on site and investigate each detail. This includes investigating the site itself, soil type and environmental conditions that the steel structure will be exposed to. All of our designs go through an optimisation process whereby we optimise the structure to ensure that the manufacturing price is as low as possible while maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Collaborative craftsmanship and project planning

We include and work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that the project remains on track and flows seamlessly from beginning to end. This ensures that our clients are happy with the project from the time we put pen to paper, to the time we fabricate and erect. The aim of this process is to deliver a sustainable, cost-efficient structural solution that surpasses our client’s needs.

Innovative steel structure manufacturing

The engineers on our team have a thorough understanding of steel structure manufacturing and the behaviour of the materials given certain circumstances. With the use of modern computer software (CAD), structure modelling packages and building info modelling (BIM) allows for us to address and take into account rather troublesome site conditions, and possible interference from existing infrastructure that could hinder the integrity of the steel structure in the future.

Designing steel structures for tomorrow

When we work on your steel structure manufacturing project, our brilliant team of engineers and designers spend a large amount of time understanding and incorporating your ideas into something visible and sustainable. We also take into consideration the environmental conditions that the steel structure will perform best.

Through our turnkey solution, we advise our clients on ventilation, door access, insulation, natural lighting etc and trying to achieve the most effective building design. We look at the most effective use of area versus cost and help produce the most efficient design based on this. This is an integral pert of the steel structure manufacturing process.

2. Steel Structure Fabrication

Fabrication is an important part of the steel structure manufacturing process and includes manufacturing the steelwork components, assemble these components in order to form the structure as a whole.

Planning for structural success

The structure can be part of our custom built solutions or could be part of our pre-made range. We source the steel from our local merchant and administer things such as protective coatings, bolts, and transportation.

Maximising efficiency in steel structure manufacturing

Our tooling and machinery allow huge time savings within our company which allows us to drastically reduce our lead times. Since inception, we have grown to double our size which allows us to rapidly fabricate and produce structures. We have also found methods of keeping our overheads low so that we can provide our clients with unbeatable price rates.

Our quality stamp guaranteed

Our workshop is fully equipped with machinery and the knowledge of many experienced, and loyal artisans that allow us to put a quality stamp on our products. This makes the steel structure manufacturing process highly efficient.

Every step of our production process is inspected and recorded to ensure that the project is fabricated to the best standards possible. We have perfected the process and balance of maintaining savings, efficiency, and quality. Our products are created with zero defects and are fabricated perfectly first time.

3. Steel Structure Erection

Our steel structure erection process consists of the assembly of steel parts on site in order to produce a finished project. We accurately lift and insert steel parts on site so close coordination is essential.

Dedicated to quality erection

We have a team of extremely experienced mobile steel structure erection teams that coordinate the project to ensure that structures in order to comply with standards. We are committed to safety and service on site. We do not negotiatiate safety for everyone on site, environmental and quality best practices, ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget.

The four main tasks of steel structure erection:

  1. We go on site and ensure that the installed foundations are ready for a safe erection to begin the project.
  2. Lifting and placing components into position with the use of cranes and other methods. Connections are then bolted together.
  3. Aligning of the structure is of pivotal importance ensuring that the columns are leveled and correctly in place.
  4. Bolting all connections properly to ensure that the connections are secure and rigid.

our projects

View a list of our steel fabricated structure projects that we have completed over the past couple of years.

Agricultural Steel Structures

At Warthog Engineering, we are a provider of steel structures in the agriculture sector. We can assist with the following:

  • Conveyor steel structure implementation
  • Chutes for produce
  • Erection work of steel structures and construction
  • Stainless steel structures
  • Industrial sandblasting and painting
  • Fabrication of large workshops and storerooms
  • Fabrication of steel silos
  • And the list goes on…

Warthog Engineering has a respectable history of involvement in the South African agricultural sector because we offer products that are robust, energy efficient, versatile, low-maintenance, fireproof, water-resistant. We are well known within the farming community as being affordable, reliable and producing the best quality agricultural steel structures on the market.

We have extensive knowledge in setting up poultry houses. We manufacture steel structures from scratch to suit every client’s bespoke needs. Chicken coops, chicken houses, sheep houses, pig pens, silos are all but a few of our wide product range and solutions that we can provide.

Our turnkey solutions allow farmers to give us their idea/concept and allow us to run the project. No intervention from the farmer required which allows farmers to do what they love and allow us to do what we love.

Industrial and Commercial Steel Structures

We are South Africas number one industrial steel structure supplier. Our combined knowledge of the steel industry makes us the forerunner in the game. A couple of the projects that we can perform are:

  • Stainless steel Structures – Design, Fabrication, etc.
  • Conveyor steel structures
  • Chute steel structures
  • Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Fabrication of workshops and storerooms
  • Fabrication of big tanks
  • Fabrication of steel bridges
  • Structural steelwork big and small
  • Any erection work
  • General construction
  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Warehouse Steel Structures

A huge portion of the steel structure market is the manufacturing of warehouse steel structures. Warehousing is a massive aspect of any business, being the preservation of products, warehouse steel structures have been seen to be one of the most effective additions to any company that needs to store and preserves any kind of product in any industry.

Steel structure warehouses have been proven to be the most affordable method of building these large structures and the strongest structures. There are numerous benefits of steel structures and have been adopted in schools, offices, hospitals and even homes.

A steel structure warehouse is a simple structure with massive versatility on the inside. A steel warehouse can be subdivided extremely easily to separate goods. Warehouse steel structures in South Africa are very versatile when it involves the function of the structure itself because it can be customised to suit each industry need.


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